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Hoppé's photographs of Austria span three decades from 1925 to c1955, years of ubiquitous political turmoil. Austria formed a republic in 1920, fought a civil war in 1934, succumbed to Nazi occupation in 1938, and reinstated a democracy in 1945. Surrounding Austria, Europe was echoing these changes, yet Hoppé managed to find and represent a side of Austria that was almost completely devoid of political imagery; celebrating, like his Viennese mother, the Austrian heritage of the arts and architecture. As well as showing us comfortable, social, and grand lifestyles and environments he also represents the gaiety of vacationing and his regard for manual labor.

He combines the obvious beauty of Austria with his eye for composition to produce a group of photographs that transcends simple documentation. These images transform the broken country into one full of spirited and unpretentious people and places. Unaffected by the conflicts surrounding him, Hoppé created a collection of photography that shows a radiant culture, perhaps the true heart of Austria.
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